Design and installation of an edible chicken garden in Dryden, Michigan. We completed this landscape in collaboration with our friends at Carolina Coops!

Using perennial, ornamental, and edible plants, we created a stunning oasis for the chickens and the whole family to enjoy for many years to come!

Check out the final garden walk-through with our client!

An acre run for the chickens, complete with endangered grasses, flowering ground-covers, and an apple orchard.
Crew member installing edible landscape
Raised Bed Installation
Each plant is in the perfect place
Amelanchier alnifolia, the Saskatoon Serviceberry is a key plant in this landscape. They will grow to 15′, have edible berries, fragrant flowers in spring, and bear bronze fall foliage.
Herbal plantings around the coop to deter pests
A fragrant, ornamental garden, filled with roses, butterfly bushes, lilacs, and climbing flowers.

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