The five Ws of life….Who? What? When? Where? Why???? Answered below!


We are a family! We are artists, designers, plant lovers, advocates for community and humanity growing forward. We have different expertise and backgrounds in Horticulture, Management, Marketing, Construction and Conservation. We are a passionate group and find great fulfillment in our work.


We specialize in Edible Landscaping, design, install and maintenance. We consult with clients to discover their individual needs, style, time commitment, budget and vision. We offer intensive eco-friendly maintenance services. We install and maintain green roofing systems. Whether you want a backyard perennial food forest, a quaint and low-maintenance kitchen garden, a mini homestead complete with chickens, a more energy-efficient office building, a school garden, a greenhouse, or even a sprawling food production operation….

We are here to help you!




We are currently consulting, designing, installing and maintaining landscapes. This very moment most likely.

We are based in Annapolis Maryland and serve the whole DC area. We are able to consult internationally and offer virtual design services, but we keep the maintenance and install side of life local.

In 2020 we see the need to bring food security back to our local communities. We hear people crying out for connection to place and land. There are food deserts in our cities and a lack of individual responsibility to take action. We founded Environmental Harmony in order to help create a greener, more local, more communal future.

Let’s Work Together!

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