Wiatt Ronda: The Contractor

Wiatt has an extensive background in construction, management, solar energy, mechanics, and welding. In addition, he is passionate about off-grid living. Wiatt can troubleshoot anything and always gets the job done.

We are a couple! We are artists, designers, plant lovers, mechanical wizards, solar nerds, adventurers, and above all, Earth lovers. We have different expertise and backgrounds in Horticulture, Design, Management, Marketing, Construction, and Conservation.

In 2020, as crisis gripped the planet, we saw the need for people to access technologies and methods for self-sufficiency. So we put our heads together, assessed our own expertise, and created Environmental Harmony.

Bethany Latham: The Designer

Bethany’s background is in design and horticulture. She holds an Advanced Permaculture Design certification and specializes in wild and edible landscapes. In addition, Bethany has a passion for business, ecology, community, and an insatiable appetite for learning.


We specialize in Edible Landscaping, Alternative Energies, and Water Management systems. Retrofitting homes to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible.

We offer Design, Installation, and Maintenance services.

We consult with clients to discover their individual needs, style, time commitment, budget, and vision. Then, we offer intensive eco-friendly maintenance services. For example, we install and maintain green roofing systems.

Whether you want a backyard perennial food forest, a quaint and low-maintenance kitchen garden, a mini homestead complete with chickens, a more energy-efficient office building, a school garden, a greenhouse, or even a sprawling food production operation…

We are here to help!

We are based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and serve the surrounding area. We can consult internationally and offer virtual design services, but we keep the maintenance side of life local.

Let’s Work Together!

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