Greening Our Urban Environments!

We are Ecological Design experts specializing in Edible Landscaping. Our passion is providing food security, sustainability and abundance to the cities and the suburbs. We are devoted to individualized service in design and aim to provide the highest level of quality and care in our eco-friendly maintenance services.

Green Roofing

We provide green roofing design & Installation. These systems help mitigate storm water, cool the atmosphere, beautify otherwise unused spaces and offer much needed habitat in urban environments.

Edible Landscaping

We integrate edible plants into our designs in an effort to strengthen local food security and design custom gardens based upon our client’s specific needs.


We provide full maintenance services from our knowledgeable and passionate team.

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About Us

We are a passionate team of environmental enthusiasts! We specialize in ecological design and focus on edible landscaping, urban garden spaces, green roofing installation and maintenance.

” If ecological good sense is to prevail, it can do so only through the work and the will of the people and of the local communities.”

Wendell Berry, Essay, Out Of Your Car, Off Your Horse , 1991