Greening Our Urban Environments!

We are a Whole-system design team specializing in Edible Landscaping, Water Management, and Alternative Energy Solutions. Our passion is providing food security, sustainability, and abundance to the cities and the suburbs.



We integrate edible, native & perennial plants into all of our designs, strengthening local food security and developing environments which are abundant, low maintenance and ecologically responsible.

Soil Analysis

We are certified Soil Food Web lab analysts and use compound light microscopes to assess the biological biomass present in your soil. These analyses allow us to understand communities of micro-organisms and create balance and abundance.


Taking special pride in environmental care, we offer consultation services to ensure that our client’s gardens are 100% organically managed and free from pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, (all the “icides”). Through soil analysis we are able to understand microbial life and harness the power of the soil food web to enhance abundance and plant vitality.

This is our responsibility as Earth Stewards!

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Conversations with Makers, Doers, Entrepreneurs and exceptional people who are rethinking the standard and creating solutions for Humanity’s tomorrow, today!

Episode 12. Wolf Conservation with Dana Goin Environmental Harmony

In episode 12, Dana Goin with the New York Wolf Conservation Center tells us all about the wolf conservation movement and explains why wolves are so critical for healthy ecosystems. Show Notes: Wolf Conservation Centerhttps://nywolf.org/Wolf Webcamhttps://nywolf.org/meet-our-wolves/webcams/Wolf Advocacy Pagehttps://engage.nywolf.org/site/SPageNavigator/Action%20Center/action_center.htmlWCC on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/wolfconservationcenter/The Canid Projecthttps://www.thecanidproject.com/WCC Scientific Webinar Libraryhttps://nywolf.org/learn/scientific-webinar-series/
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About Us

We are a passionate team of environmental enthusiasts! We envision a future where people can live self-sufficiently, harmonize with the Earth, and share the surplus with their families and communities.

” If ecological good sense is to prevail, it can do so only through the work and the will of the people and of the local communities.”

Wendell Berry, Essay, Out Of Your Car, Off Your Horse , 1991