Greening Our Urban Environments!

We are a Whole-system design team specializing in Edible Landscaping, Water Management, and Alternative Energy Solutions. Additionally, we offer Eco-friendly Maintenance services. Our passion is providing food security, sustainability, and abundance to the cities and the suburbs.

We are devoted to individualized service from design to installation. We provide the highest level of quality and care in our eco-friendly maintenance services.

Alternative Energy

Solar Panels provide this family with reliable energy.

We help our clients to find alternative energy solutions, increasing their self-sufficiency.

Edible Landscaping

Produce from an Edible Landscape we installed in New Mexico

We integrate edible plants into our designs, strengthening local food security. Each custom garden is designed based on our client’s specific needs.

Water Management

Storm water is diverted into this beautiful pond.

We design and install sophisticated water management systems to utilize your available water to its fullest potential.

Eco-friendly Maintenance Services!

We offer Eco-friendly maintenance services!

Taking special pride in environmental care, we ensure that our client’s gardens are 100% organically managed and free from pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, (all the “icides”). Additionally we use no synthetic fertilizers and, instead rely on soil biology, microbial life and an understanding of the soil food web to enhance abundance and plant vitality.

This is our responsibility as Earth Stewards!

About Us

We are a passionate team of environmental enthusiasts! We want to change the world and envision a future where people can live self-sufficiently, harmonize with the Earth, and share the surplus with their families and communities.

” If ecological good sense is to prevail, it can do so only through the work and the will of the people and of the local communities.”

Wendell Berry, Essay, Out Of Your Car, Off Your Horse , 1991