Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping is our Passion!

Our missions is to facilitate local food production. We mean You, growing YOUR OWN FOOD.

And we make it easy.

We believe the most impactful action we can take to positively change our households, local communities, the larger global community is to grow our own food. The suburbs and urban environments can be filled with food through edible landscaping, bringing sustainability and stability to us all.

A brambleberry terrace in Santa Fe

Design & Consultation

We offer custom design services that will turn your space into a productive, edible, self-sufficient oasis. Utilizing Permaculture principles and Ecological design techniques, we create intelligent whole-system designs which fulfill the needs of each of our unique clients.

Crew member installing edible landscape
Raised Bed Installation


Our knowledgeable team provides professional, complete installation services! Raised bed gardens and chicken coops, green roofs and solar arrays, gray water systems, irrigation, planting, mulching, earthworks, and hardscaping!

We are in the business of transformation.

The abundance of harvest before the frost

Maintenance, Preservation & Education

We offer complete maintenance services! We also teach classes on gardening and food preservation. Additionally, we offer food preserving services to ensure that the surplus of tomatoes turns into a pantry filled with pasta sauce.

Let us know what your needs are and we can help!

Let’s make something beautiful together!

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