Eco-Friendly Maintenance


Plant Care

Equipped with the tools and knowledge to care for any plant in your landscape we take special care with each species to assure it’s ongoing health. Deadheading, pruning, winter and spring clean-ups, etc. We believe in a hands-on approach to Organic landscape maintenance.

Eco-friendly Pest Control

We are adamantly opposed to the use of harmful poisons in the environment and offer responsible alternatives to mitigate and deter pest infestations.

Tree Care

We provide responsible Arborist services and provide appropriate tree pruning, maintenance and insect control.

Installation & Remediation

Whether you need new plants added to your landscape or existing plants to be moved into more suitable locations we can help!


“Unbelievable job!! Environmental Harmony LLC is unparalleled in professionalism, accountability and expertise! I would recommend them to anyone in the D.C metropolitan area that needs a *First Rate* company for landscaping (edible, too!), green-roofing, lawn-irrigation, and much, much more! A+ 5 stars!”

Rebecca Matlock, Reviewing Design & Install Services

“It went very well. They were on time, very helpful, professional, personable, and customer service oriented. Not to mention “good people”. I highly recommend them and will continue
to use their services.”

Shannon Little, Reviewing Arborist Services

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