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Hi there!

My name is Bethany Latham. I am the owner and founder of Environmental Harmony, the ecological design company upon who’s website this first ever blog post can be found! I am incredibly excited/ terrified/ feeling overwhelmed…with gratitude! to be where I am on this day, doing what I love and now I get to share it with you! Thank you for reading!

A little bit about me… I began my Horticultural journey working as a volunteer “Eco-Warrior” on The Blue Duck farm, an organic 10,000 acre sheep farm, in New Zealand back in 2014…when the world was much more “normal” than it is as I write this.

In 2015 I found my way to Australia and was introduced to Permaculture while working as a Design Assistant at a start-up nursery/ Permaculture/ artist haven in the Glasshouse Mountains. I was hooked. Finally, I thought, I have found something worth devoting my life to.

Back in the States 2018 I landed a job as a maintenance gardener for San Isidro Permaculture in Santa Fe New Mexico where Jeremiah Kidd works his Permaculture magic. I took an advanced Permaculture design certification course in Kenya that year through Barefoot Solutions Permaculture and soon after moved into a position managing food production for a private estate in Santa Fe. After years of farming the high desert and begging life out of nutrient void sand, I have moved to Maryland and launched Environmental Harmony.

It is a bizarre time to be starting a business admittedly. My goal is to boost food security in this urban and suburban environment through edible landscape design, urban gardens and green roofing. We focus on perennial, low-maintenance, native plants. My dream is to outfit homes and their inhabitants with the tools and gardens to be self sufficient and to thrive even amidst global turmoil.

I love intelligent design. I love plants. I love people.

I cannot wait to work with you!!

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